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8 Technology Trends That Will Continue to Dominate

Technology impregnation is moving at a very fast pace. While adoption challenges continue to give a push back to new technologies, however, the trend over the past decades is proof that rate of adoption of new technologies is far better than it was 50 years ago.

The most notable technology trends that would continue to dominate for the next decade or so listed below.

  1. Artificial Intelligence. AI has started impacting our lives in many ways and we have almost taken it for granted when we shout out commands to Alexa or Siri or Google. Even the pictures we take get optimised for best outcome. These are just the beginning of long lineup of AI based technologies that are bound to hit us much sooner than we would have thought.

  2. Internet of Things. IoT creates a web of physical sensors linked through an IP protocol. These tiny beamers send out a host of data for developing insights, making estimates and forecasting futures.

  3. Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA takes on repetitive tasks so efficiently that humans just need to oversee the exceptions than the rule. The digitisation ecosystem has many use cases of RPA from processing transactions to answering emails to web scrapping etc.

  4. Blockchain. Crpytocurrency is one use case of blockchain. This is the fastest growing domain. The smart contract world is bringing with it plethora of uses cases for blockchain. We see the financial sector taking the lead followed by supply chain and the rest to follow.

  5. Drones. The ultimate dream of taking pictures from close and above is finally fulfilled at one use case for drones. This is going expand into survey, delivery, security and lots more.

  6. Augmented Reality. Merging the real world with the world of fantasy takes down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland. Immediate takers are the real estate world, pilot training etc.

  7. Virtual Reality. The virtual reality has always been the gamers domain. Much to their chagrin, it is fast finding uses cases in film, TV, theatre and a creative world for arts and sciences.

  8. 3D Printing. Imagine if you could print on demand a 3D object sent from miles across. 3D printing is slow on the pickup, but moving forward with steady and sure steps.

It's a dreamy world becoming dreamier with these New Age technologies.

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